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Friday, April 29, 2011
V1 Rolls Out New Advanced Ground Schooling Course at ORBAA Safety Standdown

COLUMBUS, OH – V1 Analytical Solutions has combined two of its flagship Advanced Ground Schooling Courses to create a new 3-hour safety training brief titled, Takeoffs and Landings. “The course was created at the request of the Ohio Regional Business Aviation Association for delivery at its 2011 safety and training standdown (OBATS). It seemed like it went over well and course critiques were very positive, so we decided to add it to our permanent list of course curriculum,” said V1 CEO Sam Harris. (more)

Takeoffs and Landings was created from two separate 6-hour workshops (RTO Considerations and Landing Considerations) for the 2011 OBATS, where Harris was the keynote speaker for day two. “All we really did was try and take the most important safety ideas and try to inject them as mitigating strategies into the two phases of flight that create almost seven out of every ten professional aviation mishaps,” said Harris. “Three hours isn’t enough for you to walk away knowing everything that you need to know, but you’ll definitely walk away with some new ideas about unnecessary risks in both of these flight maneuvers.” For more information about our V1 Commercial Aviation Courses, click here.